Trump Signs New Muslim Ban 2.0

trump signing muslim ban


trump signing muslim banThe two Muslim members of Congress swiftly rejected President Donald Trump’s new version of the travel ban as still targeting Muslim-majority countries.  This is the same issue that stalled the first ban in court.

“Here we go again…Muslim Ban 2.0 #NoBanNoWall,” tweeted Democratic Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana, a member of the House Intelligence Committee and the second Muslim elected to Congress.

And Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat and the first Muslim elected to Congress a decade ago, tweeted the following: “On Campaign, @realDonaldTrump called for ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.’ Now, says ‘what Muslim Ban?'”

1Revisions to Travel Ban

Trump signed a new ban late Monday morning listing six Muslim-majority countries, instead of the original seven. The new travel ban excludes Iraq from the list of countries that are targeted. Troublesome language that was contained in the original ban promising to promote Christian refugees was also dropped. This language was used to uphold the legal argument that Trump had specifically targeted Muslims. The new order bans immigration from six Muslim-majority countries: Iran, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Sudan. Administration officials said Monday that they do not see the new ban as targeting a specific religion.

“(The order is) not any way targeted as a Muslim ban. … [W]e want to make sure everyone understands that,” an official told reporters.