Pan Pan, Oldest Male Panda In Captivity Dies

You may never have heard of him, but without this bear you might never have seen a panda in your local zoo. (CNN)

Pan Pan passed away on Wednesday (12/28/16) in the province of Sichuan in China. He was the oldest male panda in the world.

125% Of Pandas In Captivity Are His Descendants

Pan Pan was responsible for the birth of more than 130 children and grandchildren according to Chinese news. This means that at least 25% of all pandas in captivity are his descendants. His keepers lovingly remember his “energy and vitality” during the 1990s, during which time the first panda cub to survive in captivity was fathered by him.
His family now inhabits zoos across the world, from California in the US to Chiang Mai in Thailand and even in Edinburgh, Scotland.
He lived a long life for a panda. He died at age 31 which is the panda equivalent of more than 100 human years.