5 Features To Expect From iOS 10.3

On Tuesday, January 24, 2017, Apple released the iOS 10.3 Beta 1 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This is not a Public Beta, but is a Developer Beta. This means that the release is restricted to developers of iOS at this time.

But, the iOS 10.3 Beta 1, without doubt, holds clues as to the features to be included in the final version when it is released as the official update for all iPad, iPhone and iPod models.

Following are five features you can look forward to in iOS 10.3:

2Improvement of Siri Functionality

Enhancements were made to Siri in Beta 1 which made is more useful as a voice assistant. You can expect these enhancements to be included in the official iOS 10.3 update.

One India specific change is a little surprising. It will display cricket scores from tournaments like the Indian Premier League. However, there is no mention of include this feature for other sports like basketball or football.

Now you will be able to book Lyft and Uber rides with voice commands to Siri. Also, Siri will make it possible for you to check and pay bills using the payment apps.

A much improved Siri can be expected in future iOS updates because it will have to keep pace with competing voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.