7 Types of Headache and What Causes Them

Headaches are no fun and everyone has experienced a headache or two at some point in their life. Headaches, as well as all pain, is your body communicating with you to let you know something is wrong. You might have pain, throbbing, pressure and sensitivity to sound and light. There are various causes of headaches and understanding what is causing it can help you discover how to treat it. Becoming aware of and identifying the patterns of your headaches, will enable you to make changes in your lifestyle habits or diet that can help you avoid them in the future.

We will look at 7 common types of headache and what causes them.

1Sinus Headache

Image result for sinus headacheSinus headaches are caused by a sinus infection. This type of headache can be felt around your eyes, in your cheeks and in your forehead. They may be mild in the morning and increase in intensity as the day goes by. A capsaicin cream applied to painful areas may help. If you regularly have sinus headaches they may be caused by a medical problem such as a deviated septum. So, if they persist, be sure to visit your doctor.