5 VR Safety Tips To Prevent Injury

Image: Rex Features via AP Images

There is a surprisingly common scenario showing up on social media: people seem to be getting so into virtual reality that they are injuring themselves, others who happen to be nearby and destroying physical objects.

But if you take a look around social media, you’ll notice a surprisingly common story popping up: People are getting so into virtual reality, they’re destroying their real-world homes.

1Examples of What’s Happening

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It’s easy to get carried away with what you are experiencing…

Last night my sister bought my dad Drunken Bar Fight for his VR and you bet he almost punched a hole in the wall. 🙂
Nayeli (@lisiicaaa) December 25, 2016

I was doing VR and accidentally PUNCHED my brother. Feelings of guilt are at an all time high.
Collin Farias (@CollinFarias) December 25, 2016

My step dad punched a wall while playing Super Hot VR on Oculus Touch.
Dyleone (@Dyleone_24) December 24, 2016

Use the following tips to prevent this happening to you: